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Birthdate:May 3
"If Carlisle was the soul of our family, then Esme was the heart.
He gave us a leader who deserved following; she made that following an act of love."

Esme Cullen is the young wife of the most renown surgeons Forks, Washington has ever seen, but people usually stop associating that with her directly after their first conversation. Most people when they speak of her, mention that she has a compassionate, old fashioned soul, an ease to the way she goes about life and the faith she has in all of it.

The type who remembers to send cards and flowers to everyone on their birthday's, congratulations, anniversaries, get well's and thank you's. The type who doesn't mind tedious social gathering, endless school science fairs, being a wife to a husband working frequent double shifts with overtime or a stay at mother to a pack of adopted teenagers.

With her unflappable acceptance and easy amusement, even the nurses who flounder over her husbands' unusual beauty know they can't compete -- and who would want to after they've met her, really? The idea of deposing such a contentedly loving woman is unsettling at best.

They do wish she would attend more of the summer garden parties though.

Like all her family, Esme is in possession of a supernatural beauty that likens her a model. She is described as being 5'6" with caramel hair and a heart-shaped face, small, slender but round. She appears to be twenty-six, still in the frame of early adulthood. She is, in fact, a 'vegetarian' vampire in the first few years of her second century. How much of the rest is facade or fact you'll just have to find out yourself.

Esme Cullen is from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight, and appears here solely for the purpose of gaming in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made.
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